Ecute Nippori's "Habutai Monyaka" and "Chofu"

Discover cute Japanese sweets with a cat motif at JR Nippori Station / Ecute Nippori! I bought it ♪

"Habutai Monyaka" is a bite designed with a cute cat expression. Inside is anko dumplings. The price is 200 yen (tax included) per piece.

Ecute Nippori's "Habutai Monyaka"
Nyafufu ♪

The sweetness of the bean paste is modest and the texture is moist and delicate. The bean paste is wrapped in vinyl, so you should put it inside yourself. The crispy fragrant monaka and the smooth bean paste go perfectly together! It's so delicious that you can eat as many as you like ♪

Ecute Nippori's "Habutai Monyaka"
The bean paste is wrapped in vinyl

Ecute Nippori's "Habutai Monyaka"
Fill the bean paste yourself

Ecute Nippori's "Habutai Monyaka"

"Chofu (with ginger from Yanaka)" is a Japanese confectionery that is a collaboration between Kaoru Japanese confectionery and Iseya Fukagawa in Ecute Nippori. Gyuhi is wrapped in a sweet dough kneaded with Kaoru-style ginger syrup.

Ecute Nippori's "Chofu"
A charming point is a smiling cat

The ginger flavor is quite strong! Every time you chew, the scent of ginger spreads in your mouth. Gyuhi with a soft texture is chewy and has an excellent response to eating. Is it a little adult taste?

Ecute Nippori's "Chofu"
Mochi mochi

Two kinds of Japanese cat sweets that cat lovers should definitely check out. Both are limited to Ecute Nippori and will be on sale until October 22nd. If you are interested, please do so as soon as possible!