"Disney Label" Appears in "Del Monte Lycopene Rich Tomato Ketchup"
I want to display all the characters side by side

"Disney Label" is now available in "Del Monte Lycopene Rich Tomato Ketchup", a ketchup containing a "sharp bottle". It will be sold in limited quantities from mid-October. The price is open.

Lycopene rich tomato ketchup is a tomato ketchup that contains 1.5 times more lycopene than usual (compared to the company). It features the rich taste and texture of ripe tomatoes, like handmade ketchup. A "sharp bottle" is a bottle that uses a cap to prevent dripping. Prevents the cap from getting dirty.

Introducing this time is a design in which the cute faces of "Mickey Mouse", "Minnie Mouse", "Donald Duck" and "Pooh" are printed together with tomatoes. Every time you use it, you will feel happy.