Toho Bakery's "GOLD salt butter roll (110 yen including tax)"

Toho Bakery is a bakery located in Shimorenjaku, Mitaka City, Tokyo. I would like to introduce the butter rolls at this shop because they tasted much better than expected.

Mitaka "Toho Bakery"
Toho Bakery

Toho Bakery is a bakery with a history of 60 years since its establishment. When I headed for the afternoon on weekdays, the store was full of people! I was surprised, "Is the bakery so crowded !?"

Interior of Mitaka "Toho Bakery"
Full of people!

When I asked the staff for recommendations while being wrapped in the fragrant scent of bread, the most popular was "GOLD salt butter roll (110 yen including tax)". It seems to be a very popular product, and when I visited the store, the basket was empty, but additional bread appeared at the right time! I got a freshly baked ♪

Mitaka "Toho Bakery" COLD salt butter roll
Get freshly baked!

After comparing various things, I bought a cream bun (151 yen including tax) and a bean cake (124 yen including tax). I decided to have it at the table outside the store.

Cream bun from Mitaka "Toho Bakery"
With cream bun

Bean cake from Mitaka "Toho Bakery"
Buy bean cake

This color, this scent! This bread can be called the ideal butter roll. The outside is crispy and fragrant, and the inside is soft and fluffy. Maybe because it's freshly baked, it's irresistible that the warm butter flavor spreads in your mouth.

"GOLD salt butter roll" from Mitaka "Toho Bakery"
it's beautiful…

"Salt GOLD butter roll" from Mitaka "Toho Bakery"
Fluffy, mochi

You can feel the moderate saltiness (rock salt), so you can enjoy it without adding anything. "Butter rolls are so delicious ..."

"Salt GOLD butter roll" from Mitaka "Toho Bakery"

Cream bun is a perfect match between smooth cream and fluffy dough. Homemade handmade car stard cream is exquisite, and you can enjoy a mellow, thick and rich taste. It's quite satisfying to eat!

"Cream bun" of Mitaka "Toho Bakery"

"Cream bun" of Mitaka "Toho Bakery"
Plenty of cream

My personal favorite is soy milk-based soybean cake. It's a moist castella-like omelet-like dish. This is absolutely delicious if you eat it with milk ...

"Mamefu Cake" from Mitaka "Toho Bakery"
Does it look like hashed potatoes?

"Mamefu Cake" from Mitaka "Toho Bakery"

I also tried curry bread and bread at home, but they are all really delicious! I envy the people who live in the neighborhood ... If you are interested in Mitaka's "Toho Bakery", please take a look at it!

■ Toho Bakery Address: 1-9-19 Shimorenjaku, Mitaka City, Tokyo