Tenya "Fig Tempura"
Crispy batter x melting juicy figs like a dessert

"Fukuoka fig tempura" will be released on October 11th at Tendon Tenya and each store (excluding some stores). For a limited time, the price is 120 yen (tax included).

A tempura menu with half-cut seasonal figs. Fukuoka prefecture brand fig "Toyomitsuhime" is used, and you can enjoy the softness and thick sweetness of the flesh. The texture of the crispy batter of tempura, the juiciness and sweetness of figs spread throughout the mouth. I want you to enjoy it like a dessert.

Brand fig "Toyomitsuhime"
Uses the brand fig "Toyomitsuhime"

A part of the proceeds (10 yen per item) will be donated to Asakura City, Fukuoka Prefecture as a donation to the area affected by the heavy rain in northern Kyushu.