Ministop "Chocolate & Whip"
Collaboration with Hello Kitty

Halloween sweets will be released sequentially from October 10th at each Ministop store (excluding some stores). Original Halloween-themed sweets will be available for three weeks.

The lineup is as follows (price includes tax).

Released on October 10 Snow makeup pumpkin pudding 260 yen

Ministop "Snow Makeup Pumpkin Pudding"
Also pay attention to the cup

Halloween roll cake chocolate 298 yen (Tohoku will be released on the 11th)

Ministop "Halloween roll cake chocolate"
With Belgian chocolate whipped cream and fresh chocolate cream

Released on October 17th Surprise! Pumpkin shoe 280 yen (Tohoku will be released on the 18th)

Ministop "Surprising! Pumpkin Shoe"

Released on October 21 Halloween Monster 260 yen (Tohoku released on 22nd)

Ministop "Halloween Monster"
Chocolate mousse x strawberry cheese cream x purple potato cream

October 27-30 sale Halloween assorted cake 540 yen

Ministop "Halloween Assorted Cake"
With pumpkin Mont Blanc and purple potato muffins

We also have a lineup of sweets with a pumpkin-shaped Hello Kitty pottery cup. Two types are available: "chocolate & whipped cream" with whipped cream squeezed on chocolate mousse and "caramel & pumpkin" with pumpkin cream squeezed on caramel mousse. The price is 480 yen each. The sale period is from October 18th to 31st.

Ministop "Caramel & Pumpkin"
The ghost kitty is cute