Warakudo "Tomachizu"
Addictive salty sweets, Tomachizu

Next month, the ban on Beaujolais will be lifted, and it's the season when alcohol will become more delicious (I think I'm saying it all year round). By the way, we recommend "Tomachizu", which is sold by the Hokkaido confectionery maker "Warakudo". It is a salty sweet that was developed with the concept of "sweets that go well with sake."

Warakudo "Tomachizu"
The title is "Snacks Sweets"

Two cookies baked with Hokkaido tomatoes, sandwiched with tomato cheese cream using Hokkaido cheese. The author purchased it at Seijo Ishii, and the price was 485 yen (tax included). 3 pieces in 1 bag.

Warakudo "Tomachizu"
It feels as heavy as butter sand

● Black pepper is spicy!

Cookies are thick, refreshing and moist. The black pepper is firm, and the spicy and pungent spiciness comes along with the aroma and subtle sweetness of baked goods. There is a meal-type bread "Grissini" that goes well with alcohol, right? It's delicious like that.

Warakudo "Tomachizu"
Black grains are probably black pepper

● Cheese cream punching power

The cream inside is soothing and smooth, with a strong saltiness and richness of cheese, and it has a perfect punching power! Do you feel the sweet and sour taste of tomatoes in your mouth? About. It will come out of your nose.

When I chewed it with cookies, I wanted to shout "Someone bring me some sake!" Without thinking of the "The! Strongest snack" taste of wheat, pepper, salt, and cheese. Oh, I want to drink wine ...!

Warakudo "Tomachizu"
There is no reason why this taste does not go well with sake

The cookies can be removed quickly, so you can enjoy them by themselves or while dipping them in cream. Please use it as a snack on long autumn nights, when you want to enjoy a drink slowly.

Warakudo "Tomachizu"
It's going to never stop!