Lemon Sour Festival 2017 in Nakameguro
Let's drink lemon sour in Nakameguro!

"Lemon Sour Festival 2017 in Nakameguro", a gourmet event featuring "Lemon Sour", will be held at "Nakameguro" in Nakameguro, Tokyo from October 20th to 22nd. Admission is free and food and drink charges are required separately.

This is a gourmet event held with the hope that more people will know the charm of lemon sour, which is popular among young people. The venue will be Nakameguro, which is said to be the birthplace of lemon sour.

During the period, a popular store that offers special lemon sour will open in the form of a kitchen car. A variety of lemon sours are available, from the standard "original lemon sour", which is made by adding lemon to shellfish shochu and carbon dioxide, to the "evolutionary lemon sour", which uses frozen lemons and lemons pickled in syrup. You can enjoy it with dishes that go well with lemon sour.

The stores and menus offered are as follows.

・ Shokudo Todaka (Gotanda)
Raw grated sour lemon 600 yen Fried taro 500 yen

Shokudo Todaka (Gotanda)

・ Creative Izakaya Iitokodori Omiya Store (Saitama)
Ice-cold premium lemon sour 500 yen Salted with rock salt Lemon sour 500 yen Honey jelly lemon sour 500 yen Raw mint lemon sour 500 yen Fried Oyama chicken 500 yen Smoky chicken leg 700 yen

Creative Izakaya Iitokodori Omiya Store (Saitama)

・ Public bar Maruko drinking (Shibuya)
Pickled lemon sour 500 yen Fried corn perfect for lemon sour 500 yen Maruko kappa 400 yen The softest konnyaku stew in the world 400 yen Homemade bacon and 500 yen

Popular bar Maruko drinking (Shibuya)

・ Mochidokoro Shinano Sakaba (Yokohama)
Domestic lemon and strong carbonated lemon sour 600 yen Joshu pork skewer set of 4 500 yen Special motsuni 500 yen Shinasaka kakuni with boiled egg 500 yen Shinasaka homemade miso vegetable stick 500 yen
5 kinds of sausages 600 yen

Mochidokoro Shinano Sakaba (Yokohama)

・ Yakiton Hinata (Ikebukuro)
Hinata's Lemon Sour 480 yen Hinata no Yakiton (Kashira, Harami, Teppo) 120 yen each Tsukune 280 yen Fried chicken thighs 380 yen Meat-wrapped tomato skewers 280 yen Stewed and boiled eggs 480 yen Anchovy potatoes 380 yen

Yakiton Hinata (Ikebukuro)

The event venue is Nakame Arcus, 1-26-1 Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo. The holding time is from 11:00 to 20:00 (LO 19:30). Only on the last day from 11:00 to 19:00 (LO 18:30).