McCafé "Rare Cheesecake" and "Tiramisu"
Rare cheesecake (left) and tiramisu (right)

"Rare Cheesecake" and "Tiramisu" will be added to the regular menu from October 11th at McCafé by Barista, a McDonald's cafe. Also, from the same day, for a limited time, "One Coin" "Barista Recommended Cake Set" will be offered.

Rare cheesecake is a sponge cake with a soft texture made from Hokkaido milk, a rare cheese mousse made by adding lemon juice to cream cheese, and a low-sweetness whipped cream with powdered sugar on the top. You can enjoy the rich flavor of cheese. The price is 320 yen (tax included, same below).

McCafe "Rare Cheesecake"
Refreshing with cream cheese and lemon juice

Tiramisu, on the other hand, is a soft sponge soaked with bittersweet coffee syrup extracted from espresso, topped with a smooth, rich cheese mousse made from mascarpone cheese and Western liquor. Topped with cocoa powder. The bittersweet flavor of coffee is combined with the smooth taste and texture of mascarpone cheese mousse to create a tiramisu. The price is 320 yen.

McCafe "Tiramisu"
The bitterness of coffee and the taste of mascarpone are exquisite

● One coin cake set

To commemorate the launch of the two products, from October 11th to November 30th, one of your favorite cakes from all the cake menus sold at McCafé and the M size cafe latte (hot ice) The set "Barista Recommended Cake Set" will be offered at a special price of 500 yen.

● Winter limited "tea latte"

The winter limited drink "Tea Latte" will also be on sale from October 11th. You can enjoy the firm taste of black tea from the first bite and the creamy mouthfeel of fluffy foam milk. The price is 300 yen for S size and 340 yen for M size.
McCafe "Tea Latte"
How about with a cake?