Samsung "Good and Make"
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Since its release in 1953, the famous confectionery "Yoitomake" from Tomakomai, Hokkaido, has been loved for more than half a century. It is sold by the confectionery maker Samsung.

Roll castella that combines soft and moist dough with haskap jam unique to Hokkaido. Not only is the jam embraced inside, but it is also heavily painted on the surface. There are many people who are addicted to the simple yet friendly taste once they eat it!

Samsung "Good and Make"
A famous confectionery representing Tomakomai, Hokkaido

◆ Is it the hardest to eat in Japan?

One of the characteristics of such good and extra is the difficulty of eating that both self and others admit! It is also said to be "the most difficult sweet to eat in Japan". The reason is the Haskap jam painted on the surface. It's hard to cut and it's hard to eat.

Samsung "Good and Make"
One whole bottle

Samsung "Good and Make"
It is cut into 7 pieces

It is wrapped in oblate so that it is not sticky, but it gets caught and does not cut well. Now that it is cut into 7 pieces and sold in advance, the difficulty of cutting has been resolved, but when I tried to eat it, the fork got entangled with the oblate, and the oblate took the whole skin with me, so I ate it. The difficulty is alive and well. Well, it's delicious if you eat it, so it's already cute!

Samsung "Good and Make"
Oblate is peron

◆ What is the taste?

You can fully enjoy the fresh, sour and refreshing sweetness of Haskap. The taste of Haskap, which is a little different from raspberries and blueberries, is still fresh for people outside of Hokkaido!

Samsung "Good and Make"
What looks dark is the flesh of the haskap

The sweet and sour and juicy taste of the carefully boiled haskap jam and the subtle sweetness of the sponge dough that melts in your mouth overlap in your mouth. The aftertaste is refreshing and delicious!

It also contains the flesh of a haskap, and sometimes it has a chewy texture. It has a stronger taste than jam and makes you feel lucky. Is sugar the texture that feels crispy after the castella melts?

Samsung "Good and Make"
It goes well with cold milk

◆ Where can I buy it?

It's good to be loved by many people, including the difficulty of eating. In addition to being sold at Samsung stores and online shops in Hokkaido, you may also be able to buy it at department stores and supermarket product exhibitions in areas other than Hokkaido.

The price is 680 yen (tax included) per bottle, so it's easy to get your hands on it, so if you haven't tried it yet, why not give it a try!

Samsung "Good and Make"
Once you eat it, you will definitely want to eat it again