Happy pancake "Pumpkin pancake with chestnut raisin butter"
Special menu for a limited time!

The special menu "Pumpkin Pancake Chestnut Raison Butter Nose" will be on sale from October 2nd to 31st at 14 pancake specialty stores "Happy Pancakes". The price is 1,390 yen (tax included).

This is a limited-time pancake for the Halloween season. Pumpkin cream sauce and whipped butter with chestnuts and ram raisins are placed on a pancake that has been fluffy finished by a special method of baking.

Happy pancake "Pumpkin pancake with chestnut raisin butter"
Pancakes filled with "autumn taste"

It is a luxurious dish where you can enjoy rum raisins that go well with pumpkin, rich fermented butter, and chestnuts, which are the taste of autumn, together with fluffy and moist pancakes.

The stores offered are as follows (14 stores in total).

Omotesando store Shibuya store Kichijoji store Ikebukuro store

Yokohama Chinatown store Kamakura Komachi-dori store

Honmachi store Umeda store Shinsaibashi store

Kobe store

Kyoto store

Nagoya store

Sendai Forus store

Fukuoka Tenjin store