Meringue "whipped butter pancake"
This is 200 yen

Hawaiian cafe "Merengue" is popular for its fluffy and exquisite pancakes. Weekday morning time is recommended for a little profitable enjoyment. Because the pancakes offered on the grand menu can be eaten for less than half the price ...!

◆ Morning is 2 stores in Kanagawa prefecture

Meringue has two stores in Kanagawa prefecture and one store each in Saitama and Chiba prefectures, but the morning menu on weekday mornings is offered at two stores, the Minatomirai store and the Kishine Koen store (article). At the time of writing).

Morning time is from 8:00 am to 10:00 am at the Minatomirai store and from 8:00 am to 11:00 am at the Kishine Park store.

Merengue Minatomirai store
Minatomirai store I visited

◆ Abundant morning menu

There are 3 types of pancakes on the morning menu. Basic "whipped butter pancake" (200 yen, tax not included, same below), "macadamia nut cream pancake" with plenty of milk cream (400 yen), "morning fruit pancake" with juicy fruit (500 yen) lineup.

Of these, whipped butter pancakes are 680 yen and macadamia nut cream pancakes are 1,080 yen, each of which is offered as a grand menu. It's less than half the price on weekday mornings, isn't it a great deal?

In addition, waffles, meal-type pancakes, and toast are also available. Prices start at 100 yen for waffles, 200 yen for pancakes, and 150 yen for toast, all of which are reasonably priced.

Morning menu at Merengue Minatomirai
Morning menu at Minatomirai store. You can enjoy it on a daily basis!

◆ Whipped butter pancake

This time I would like to introduce whipped butter pancakes. The price is 200 yen for 3 layers. By the way, two pancakes cost 100 yen . cheap…!

Meringue "whipped butter pancake"
Whipped butter pancakes (3 pieces)

Three pancakes baked with plenty of meringue are layered, topped with crumble and powdered sugar, and fermented butter is topped with a colon. The dough is about 3 cm thick, and when shaken, it's fluffy and fluffy! Kasane Gasane I'm sorry, but isn't this 200 yen really great?

Meringue "whipped butter pancake"
Topped with crumble, powdered sugar and whipped butter

When you stretch it, it's soft and soft, and when you chew it, it melts softly. The dough itself is simple and slightly sweet. As the texture has an impact, the taste is simple and easy to eat like hot cakes.

Meringue "whipped butter pancake"
Contains a moist knife

Meringue "whipped butter pancake"
How ...

Meringue "whipped butter pancake"
See the cross section of the melting pancake

The butter is whipped butter, so it doesn't melt until the end and keeps its shape, so I'm glad that you can eat it while applying it to pancakes little by little. The crisp saltiness enhances the deliciousness of the pancakes again. The crispy and fragrant crumble that is studded with it also produces a satisfying taste.

At your favorite timing, sprinkle fragrant maple and enjoy the change in taste!

Meringue "whipped butter pancake"
Melt the attached maple

◆ However, one drink system

Morning is a one-drink system, so don't forget to order one drink. This time, I ordered "This Month's Single Origin Coffee" (550 yen), and it was easy to drink with a refreshing acidity and light bitterness, and it went well with pancakes.

Meringue "This Month's Single Origin Coffee"
Refreshing and black is delicious

Of course, there are customers who come with couples, friends, and family at the Minatomirai store that I visited this time, but there were many people like me, so I didn't hesitate to enter. There are also customers with dogs on the terrace seats! Coupled with the atmosphere of the town of Minatomirai, you can feel as if you are in a foreign country.

Even if it's not morning, the grand menu includes pancakes topped with various fruits and sauces, as well as colorful dishes such as Hawaii's classic loco moco, ahipoki, hamburgers, curry, and pizza. Rest assured that something delicious will be waiting for you whenever you visit!

* Menu contents, prices, offer times, etc. are as of the time of writing the article. Please note that it is subject to change.

Meringue "whipped butter pancake"
A good start to the day is about to start ♪