Chocolate mint ice cream (image)
Various chocolate mint has appeared this year as well.

With the arrival of summer, "chocolate mint" products appear one after another in the sweets corner of supermarkets and convenience stores. Chocolate mint flavor has appeared in bread and bagels, regardless of whether it is Japanese or Western, and it has become a hot topic.

So, what are the new chocolate-flavored products that you actually ate (drinked) from around the summer of this year (2017)? The ranking site "Ranking without permission" (operated by D & M) conducted the questionnaire. The results have been announced!

The most eaten chocolate mint this year

1st place: Cold Stone Creamery Premium Ice Cream Bar Minty Mint Chocolate Crunch
2nd place: Mochitoro chocolate mint
3rd place: Afternoon tea Chocolate mint milk tea
4th place: Starbucks Mint Chocolate WITH Chocolate Pudding
5th place: Giant corn super chocolate mint

What a Seven-Eleven product is a one-two finish! Is it the reason why it is so popular that you can easily buy it at the nearest store and the price is reasonable? Did you eat the Chocomin Party, of course?

The first ice cream is a luxurious dish with refreshing mint and crispy chocolate crunch. As expected, it has a very high degree of perfection as cold stone and ice cream, so it was delicious to recommend to chocolate mint beginners.

Seven-Eleven "Cold Stone Creamery Premium Ice Cream Bar Minty Mint Chocolate Crunch"

The second-placed mochi toro is Western-style daifuku, which is made by wrapping large chocolate chips and mint whipped cream in a melty dough. Even on Twitter, it was very popular as "too delicious" and "easy to eat".

Seven-Eleven "Mochitoro Chocolate Mint"

The third place is a very novel black tea drink called "chocolate mint flavored milk tea". The staff who tasted it was the impression of "drinking air conditioner" that you can cool down from the inside of your body by combining the cool mouthfeel and the refreshing feeling of mint when you drink it after cooling it well.

Afternoon tea chocolate mint milk tea

The 4th place is the chocolate mint flavor of "Starbucks that you can buy at convenience stores". A milk drink in a chilled cup. When I smoked it with a straw, a fluffy chocolate pudding jumped into my mouth and it was like a dessert drink.

Starbucks Mint Chocolate WITH Chocolate Pudding

The 5th place giant corn was also sold at Seven. The refreshing herb texture and the crunchy texture of chocolate and peanuts made me feel better in early summer.

Giant corn super chocolate mint

How many Chocomin parties did you eat this year? I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of chocolate mint products will be released next summer!

* Questionnaire period: September 7, 2017-September 20, 2017 * Questionnaire target: 20 years old and over / men and women / nationwide, conducting a questionnaire via the Internet