"Agnes'Portuguese Bake Shop", a popular "Malasada" shop from Hawaii, opens in Asakusa
Hawaii's popular Malasada store in Asakusa!

The popular "Malasada" store from Hawaii, "Agnes'Portuguese Bake Shop," opens for the first time in the Kanto region. "Agnes'Portuguese Bake Shop cafe Tokyo Asakusa", the 5th store in Japan, will open in Asakusa, Tokyo on October 15th.

Malasada is a classic Hawaiian dessert from Portugal. It is said that it means "uneven" in Portuguese, and as the name suggests, the dough is fried one by one by hand, so you can enjoy the difference in the finished shape.

Malasada at the store is fried dough that is fermented by mixing strong flour and yeast, and seasoned with all seven flavors such as powdered sugar and cinnamon. Since it is made for each order, the surface is crispy and the inside is chewy. The gentle sweetness and slight aroma are addictive.

"Agnes'Portuguese Bake Shop", a popular "Malasada" shop from Hawaii, opens in Asakusa
Crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside

"Special coffee" is also provided. Using coffee beans directly imported from "Muramatsu Koen", which is run by a Japanese owner in Hawaii, you can enjoy coffee brewed with a faint aroma, astringent taste, and an easy-to-drink taste with malasada.

"Agnes'Portuguese Bake Shop", a popular "Malasada" shop from Hawaii, opens in Asakusa
Kona coffee

In addition, Hawaii's representative dish "Pokiball", Hawaiian specialties "Mochiko Chicken" and "Loco Moco", and Asakusa limited "Matcha Malasada Kinako" will also appear.

Malasada donuts will be provided free of charge during the pre-opening period from October 10th to 12th. If you want to try the special malasada, please come visit us.

The store is located at 2-11-13 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo. Business hours are from 11:00 to 22:00. Both eat-in and take-out are possible.

In addition to the new Asakusa store, the store has the first store, the Osaka store, the Okinawa store, the Nara store, and the Osaka / Amemura store, which specializes in takeout.