Seven-Eleven "Moon and Rabbit"
It looks and tastes perfect for autumn

At each Seven-Eleven store, the sweets "Moon and Rabbit" that are perfect for "moon viewing" will be on sale for about a week from October 3rd. The price is 160 yen (tax included).

This is a sweet that combines Western-style Daifuku, which has the image of a "moon," and Western-style dumplings, which look like a "rabbit." This is the second moon-viewing sweets following "Warabimochi & Shiratama Cream Stew" released on September 26th.

Western-style Daifuku is finished with an autumn-like taste by adding sweet potato whipped cream to the mochi with a “mochi-toro texture”. Also, among the Western-style dumplings, there are bean paste and whipped cream using azuki beans from Tokachi, Hokkaido.

The 15th night of this year (2017) is October 4th. Why don't you enjoy the harvest moon while eating the moon and the rabbit?