Maruka Foods "Pee Young Vermicelli"
Pea Young ...?

A new product, "Pee Young Vermicelli," is now available from Maruka Foods, which is familiar with "Peyoung." It is sold in advance of convenience stores. The general release is November 6th. The estimated price is 205 yen (excluding tax).

This is a new type of cup noodle using "Vermicelli noodles". The noodles are rehydrated in the same way as the usual sauce yakisoba, but the difference is that the noodles are vermicelli and the sauce is salt and pepper.

Maruka Foods "Pee Young Vermicelli"
Inside is vermicelli, hot, sauce

◆ What is P-Young?

What is Peyoung, not Peyang? I was curious, so I asked Maruka Foods about it, and it seems that it was a play on "peyoung". It seems that it was decided by the sound of the sound.

"Peyoung" is the product name of the "Yakisoba" series. This time it was the first time for "Vermicelli", so he changed the reading of Peyang to the product name "Peeyoung". Speaking of which, the fact that "Payongu" was sold as a low-priced version of Payang is also new to my memory. That kind of playfulness is good, isn't it?

Maruka Foods "Pee Young Vermicelli"
Certainly the sound is a little Chinese.

◆ I tried it

A sesame oil-like scent that spreads when you take a bite. Then comes the spicy spiciness of salt and pepper. Yeah, this is really good . Chewing crumpled cabbage and carrots adds an additional sweetness to the vegetables. This is too addictive ...

Maruka Foods "Pee Young Vermicelli"
With cabbage, carrots and wood ear

Maruka Foods "Pee Young Vermicelli"
The taste may be like salty fried noodles

I thought that the crispy and chewy vermicelli was "small amount?" Before adding hot water, but when I tried it, it was quite voluminous. One cup will fill you up. However, the calorie is 219 kcal, which is lower than that of ordinary cup noodles!

Maruka Foods "Pee Young Vermicelli"
Since it is vermicelli, calories are modest

Since the number of stocks of P-Young vermicelli is fixed, it will end as soon as it runs out. If you are interested, please do so as soon as possible!