Chocolate banana made with the educational confectionery "Fun Festival Yasan"
Summer isn't over yet ...! (Should)

If you notice it, it's late September. I think there are many people who couldn't fully enjoy the summer because of the rainy days this year. For those who are not satisfied with the summer, we recommend the educational confectionery Popin Cookin series "Fun Festival" sold by Kracie. The estimated price is 200 yen (excluding tax).

This is a handmade sweet that you can make a menu of a festival that looks just like the real thing. You can enjoy 4 kinds of apple candy, potato, corn, and chocolate banana in one box.

Educational confectionery "Fun Festival"

When I was little, I couldn't buy educational sweets because I couldn't eat them even if I made them. Perhaps because of that, even at this age, when I see educational sweets, I get really excited . Returning to my childhood, the festival is open!

■ Preparation for opening
First, read the explanation firmly. All you need is clean hands and water. Carefully cut the bag containing the ingredients with scissors to make a potato case and a festival sheet. Cut the tray with scissors and break it apart.

Description of the educational confectionery "Fun Festival Yasan"
I have to understand the flow

Educational confectionery "Fun Festival"

Bag of educational confectionery "Fun Festival Yasan"
Carefully cut the bag with scissors!

Ingredients for the educational confectionery "Fun Festival Yasan"
Material inside

A cup of educational confectionery "Fun Festival Yasan"
Cut the cup

■ Candy apple
Put two measuring cups of water and "Candy Apple" in the tray marked with a star and mix 30 times with a spoon. Immediately after mixing, pour it into a mold and you're ready to go. It seems that it takes about 10 minutes to solidify.

Mixing water and "Candy Apple"
Add water and "Candy Apple"

Mix water and "Candy Apple" well
Round and round, mix

Quickly pour the mixed "Candy Apple" into the mold
Pour into a mold

■ Potato
While waiting for the candy apples to clump, I rushed to make potatoes. Put a cup of water and "potato base" in a tray with a jagged bottom and continue mixing until it is no longer powdery. At first, you may be worried, "Is it really organized ...?", But let's keep mixing patiently. Someday it will come together .

Mix water and "potato source"
I think I want to add water, but I put up with it

A lump of water and "potato source"

When mixed and lumpy, flatten with your fingers and remove from the tray. The trick is to press it so that the jagged pattern is firmly formed. Turn it over and place it on the cutting board of the festival sheet, then cut it with a spoon along the jagged edges.

Press the base of the potato with your finger
Press tightly with your finger

Cut the potatoes with a spoon
Cut with a spoon

■ Corn
Next is corn. Roll and stretch the "source of corn" by hand according to the "size of corn" printed on the festival sheet. When the size is just right, cut it with a spoon from the center.

The source of corn before it is stretched thinly

Source of corn after being thinly stretched

Cut the base of the thinly stretched corn
This is

Once you have a corn core, put the "source of crushing" in the crushing tray and tilt the tray so that the grains are evenly distributed. At this time, the explanation says, "Put about half of the bag in the base of the crush", but if you put too much in it, it will fail, so it may be just right to fill all the holes with grains.

Case with "source of crushing"
Put the "source of crushing" in the case

Roll the corn core you made earlier by pressing it against the crushing tray, and sprinkle the grains. This is quite difficult! The point is to carefully roll it slowly from the edge . This completes the corn!

Add a source of crush to the core of corn
Around the time

Completed corn

■ Chocolate banana
Put 2 cups of water and "Banana Source" in a jagged tray and mix well. When it is organized, take it out and knead it by hand about 10 times to make it round. When it becomes a sphere, put it in a banana mold and press it with your finger to shape it.

The whole "Bana no Moto"
Make it round

Put the base of the curled banana in the mold
Put in a mold

Preparing chocolate sauce while lumping. Similarly, put a cup of water and "chocolate sauce" in a jagged tray and mix. When it looks like chocolate, take the banana out of the mold, put a toothpick in it, sprinkle with chocolate sauce and toppings, and you're done!

Chocolate sauce over chocolate bananas
Let's make chocolate sauce

Add chocolate to bananas
The rest is topping as you like

At this point, the candy apples should be solid, so insert them from the round side of the toothpick and take them out. Put the cut potatoes in a potato case to make them look good, and arrange all the sweets on a sheet with a stall printed on them.

Put a toothpick on an apple candy

"Fun Festival" apple candy
Take it out

Completed potato case
Make a potato case

Completion of "Fun Festival" potatoes
Set potatoes

It will take about 20 minutes. I praise myself for the quality.

Completed all 4 types of "Fun Festival"
It's the beginning of the festival!

■ What is your favorite taste?
Apple candy is "apple-flavored jelly-like", potatoes are "pine-flavored sweet and sour crispy sweets", corn is "grape-flavored chewing candy", and chocolate bananas are "banana-flavored crispy something". "was. sweet.

Completion of "Fun Festival"
If you eat while playing "Tankō Bushi" or "Tokyo Ondo", you will get excited!

Don't lick it, "Isn't it for kids?" "Fun Festival" that adults can fully enjoy. If you are not satisfied with the summer, why not immerse yourself in a festive mood at home?