Two Starbucks custom drinks

Nowadays, the temperature is gradually decreasing and the number of chilly days is increasing. You'll want a warmer drink than a chilled drink. Therefore, I would like to introduce a custom that is perfect for the coming season, as taught by Starbucks coffee specialist Kenya Matsuda ♪

Starbucks Coffee Specialist Kenya Matsuda
Coffee specialist Kenya Matsuda

■ Fluffy fragrance
One cup of Americano (hot) with hazelnut syrup (+50 yen) and whip (+50 yen). I was surprised to drink while thinking "Is it pretty sweet?" It's very easy to drink! The fragrant nutty flavor that spreads softly as soon as you put it in your mouth, and the faint sweetness that comes after you. This is too delicious!

Hazelnut syrup and whipped cream added to Americano

When you melt the whipped cream and drink it, it changes to a slightly soft texture. It is also recommended for men because of its modest sweetness. I'm usually mostly black, but this is a taste that I want to repeat. It's a bittersweet but easy to drink, perfect for autumn!

Hazelnut syrup and whipped cream added to Americano
The whipped cream is completely melted

■ This is for Amato!
Amato, who says, "I like sweets!", Try changing the caramel macchiato syrup to caramel syrup. The syrup used in the caramel macchiato that was originally sold is vanilla, but by changing this to caramel syrup, the caramel feeling is even better! You can enjoy a cup of it.

Caramel Macchiato syrup modified drink
Just change to caramel syrup

Custom is free because you only need to change the syrup! Very milky to drink while dissolving caramel sauce in fluffy foam milk! The sweet and fragrant caramel flavor will heal you. You can use it as a snack.

Caramel Macchiato syrup modified drink
Healing sweetness ...

Two easy custom types that are perfect for autumn. Please give it a try!