"90 Yen Festival" is held at each Sushiro store
One plate of 100 yen sushi is now 90 yen!

A "90 yen festival" will be held at each Sushiro store (excluding some stores). The period is limited to 5 days from September 25th to 29th.

During the period, all sushi items, which are usually 100 yen per plate (excluding tax, the same applies below), will be offered for 90 yen per plate. From "royal road material" such as "tuna", "hamachi", and "tai" to popular "creative" such as "broiled salmon basil cheese" and "shrimp avocado", and seasonal menus using seasonal ingredients. You can enjoy the shrimp for 90 yen.

Take-out sushi, 180 yen, 280 yen, 980 yen sushi, side menus, desserts, and drinks are not eligible. All products will end as soon as the items sold on the day are sold out.