Yoshimitsu "Sweet Cheeseburger"
How about a sweet hamburger?

Do you know "Sweet Cheeseburger" which is popular as a souvenir of Karuizawa? It is a "sweet burger" that is different from a hamburger with meat and vegetables sandwiched between buns.

It's wrapped in wrapping paper, and if you don't check it carefully, you might mistake it for an ordinary hamburger and buy it. Cheese cream is sandwiched in the original madeleine dough that is carefully baked instead of bread. The price is 378 yen (tax included).

Yoshimitsu "Sweet Cheeseburger"
I think some people were surprised to open it

Madeleine is thicker and larger than the general one because it plays the role of a bun. It may be good to eat with a fork because your chin seems to get tired when you bite. It melts in your mouth and spreads the rich flavor of butter. The mellow scent goes through your nose, and the finish is delicious.

Yoshimitsu "Sweet Cheeseburger"

The cheese cream is mellow and rich. The richness of butter and cheese overlap, giving it an insanely rich taste. It's not too sweet and has a little salt, so you can eat it without getting tired.

Yoshimitsu "Sweet Cheeseburger"
The saltiness of the cheese is ◎

Warm it a little in the microwave and the madeleine will be fluffy. Cheese is also the best because it has a smoother mouthfeel, so please give it a try.

I also bought another sister product, blueberry flavor. Also madeleine dough, sandwiched with cheese cream kneaded with blueberry sauce. The price is 378 yen (tax included).

Yoshimitsu "Blueberry Sweet Cheeseburger"
Bright purple cream

The fruity acidity of blueberries is felt and delicious while maintaining the deep richness! It has the best balance of sweetness, acidity, and saltiness. This is recommended if you want to enjoy a refreshing aftertaste.

Yoshimitsu "Blueberry Sweet Cheeseburger"
Punipuni with pulp

A sweet cheeseburger that is irresistible for sweet lovers. It can be stored at room temperature and lasts for a long time, so it's a perfect souvenir!