Ueno iacoupe koppe bread
Do you like koppe bread

Koppe bread. It's a simple bread that seems to be extremely simple, but I think it's a miracle food that makes seven changes depending on the ingredients to be combined. By the way, Koppe-pan for school lunch was able to drink infinite milk just because of its lightness, isn't it?

Now, I would like to introduce " iacoupe", which sells koppe-pan that has both nostalgia and modernity. This is a koppe-pan specialty store located on the 3rd floor of "Ueno no Mori Sakura Terrace" in front of JR Ueno Station.

Ueno no Mori Sakura Terrace
When you go up to the 3rd floor of Ueno no Mori Sakura Terrace

Ueno's koppe-pan specialty store "iacoupe"
There is a iacoupe shop

◆ Both side dishes and sweets

Koppe-pan of iacoupe is made from bread from the bakery "ianak!" In Nishinippori.

Sandwiches colorful ingredients from side dishes such as meat and fish to desserts such as cream and fruits on bread baked with homemade yeast. The menu is updated every month, and 14 kinds of koppe-pan were lined up on the day I went to buy.

Popular menu of iacoupe
Popular products on the blackboard

They are individually wrapped, so you can take them home and eat at home, or you can eat while walking around Ueno. It is also recommended to take it to the park and enjoy a picnic lunch.

◆ Eat and compare the 5 types of attention

I ate and compared the five koppe breads that the editorial department paid attention to! The lineup includes the classic "Ambata" (235 yen, tax not included, same below), "Steak" (320 yen), "Asparagus salmon cream cheese" (320 yen), "Taramo" (250 yen), "Pistachio" There are 5 types (280 yen).

Ueno iacoupe koppe bread
I will eat and compare 5

1, Anbata
Ueno iacoupe koppe bread bean paste

Koppe-pan with squeezed bean paste and whipped butter, which is simple but gives a glimpse of a little commitment. The most popular dessert type.

The bread has a smooth surface and a soft texture. The perfect balance between the salty whipped butter and the sweetness of the moist and smooth bean paste!

Ueno iacoupe koppe bread bean paste
Simple but insanely delicious

2, steak
Ueno iacoupe koppe bread steak

Koppe-pan with Australian natural beef sandwiched with lettuce. It is seasoned with aurora sauce. This is the most popular side dish.

Medium rare meat is crispy and crispy, and has a soft chewy texture! The more you chew, the more delicious it becomes, so to speak, roast beef, which is very high quality. High satisfaction.

Ueno iacoupe koppe bread steak
The cross section of the meat is arousing

3, asparagus salmon cream cheese
Ueno iacoupe koppe bread asparagus salmon cream cheese

Koppe bread using brioche bread. It is a combination of smoked salmon and cream cheese on an iron plate. Besides, asparagus, red onion and caper are sandwiches.

Smoky salmon is layered on rich and sour cream cheese, and crispy asparagus is added, making it a luxurious sandwich-like koppe-pan! Brioche bread has a moist and chewy texture, and the buttery scent that spreads as you chew creates a richer taste.

Ueno iacoupe koppe bread asparagus salmon cream cheese
The overall balance of taste and texture is very good!

4, Tarama
Ueno iacoupe koppe bread tarama

Koppe-pan packed with mentaiko-flavored potato salad. You can't see it from the outside, but it contains green beans.

The potatoes that have been put in are fluffy. The slightly spicy spiciness of mentaiko and the bubble wrap and saltiness enhance the deliciousness of potatoes. Green beans are a crispy texture accent.

Ueno iacoupe koppe-pan tarama
It was quite satisfying

5, pistachios
Ueno iacoupe koppe bread pistachio

Pistachio cream is squeezed into black cacao koppe-pan, and pistachio fruits are luxuriously topped. The color contrast is eye-catching.

The slightly bitter (slightly chewed and tasting) fluffy bread goes perfectly with the mellow, nutty pistachio cream. The pistachio fruit is crispy and has a slight saltiness. A feeling of luxury like a cake! I personally recommend it.

Ueno iacoupe koppe bread pistachio
Deliciousness not inferior to the impact of appearance

Colorful koppe-pan with different personalities. Why don't you choose the one that suits your mood of the day?

Ueno iacoupe koppe bread
I decided on you today!