SELPHYU Karuizawa "Premium Pudding Jam" and "Matcha Pudding Jam"

Make your usual toast a little extravagant. "Prinjam" in a cute small bottle is on sale at Selfille Karuizawa.

Jam made by boiling down almost the same ingredients as pudding. It looks like the pudding itself. I bought "Premium Pudding Jam" and "Matcha Pudding Jam" from several lineups. The price is 739 yen each (tax included).

SELPHYU Karuizawa "Premium Pudding Jam" and "Matcha Pudding Jam"
Best-by date before opening is 8 months

Premium pudding jam uses vanilla beans from Madagascar, plenty of eggs, cream and butter. When scooped with a spoon, it feels a little softer than pudding. It's fluffy and looks like custard.

SELPHYU Karuizawa "Premium Pudding Jam"
sweet smell

Rich taste that seems to be a condensed taste of pudding. The milky sweetness of condensed milk spreads throughout your mouth. If you're not careful, you'll end up eating one bottle as it is.

Not to mention the compatibility with bread. The best combination of crispy bread and smooth and rich jam brings happiness to each bite. The fluffy scented vanilla also assists with a sense of luxury.

Selfille Karuizawa "Premium Pudding Jam" Toast
I want to eat every breakfast

Don't forget the caramel part below. The mellow flavor and bitterness are the best! The egg gently wraps the richness of butter, the sweetness of condensed milk, and the aroma of caramel, and it seems that you are eating French toast. It's delicious enough to make you laugh.

Selfille Karuizawa "Premium Pudding Jam" Toast
I can't stop smiling

It is recommended to match not only bread but also scones and ice cream. When combined with fruit, it tastes like pudding à la mode. The refreshing acidity of the fruit and the mellow flavor of the jam are a perfect match.

Selfille Karuizawa "Premium Pudding Jam" and Fruits
The sour berry type is ◎

Matcha pudding jam is made with two layers of matcha and brown sugar. After a firm sweetness, a slight astringency insists. A very creamy flavor with a Japanese-style aftertaste that is irresistible for matcha lovers. In addition, the rich sweetness of brown sugar is added to create a luxurious Japanese harmony.

SELPHYU Karuizawa "Matcha Pudding Jam"
Deep green

SELPHYU Karuizawa "Matcha Pudding Jam"
Luxuriously apply 2 types

In addition, "Caramel Raisin Sand" is recommended in Selfille Karuizawa other than jam type. The price is 1,186 yen (tax included) for 5 pieces.

Selfille Karuizawa "Caramel Raisin Sand"
It was also recommended at the store

A blissful dish that combines moist cookie dough, smooth cream, and large raisins that pop. The raisins give off a mellow flavor the more you chew and blend with the rich cream. The fluffy rum is also happy. Check it out with pudding jam!

Selfille Karuizawa "Caramel Raisin Sand"
Perfect for souvenirs