Cold Stone Creamery "Trick or Sweets" "Berry Scary Monster"
Halloween period only!

A pop Halloween limited edition product is now available at Cold Stone Creamery. It is on sale from September 15th.

The lineup consists of 4 types of creations, "Trick or Sweets," "Berry Scary Monster," "Mama's Pumpkin Pie," and "My Sweety Potato," and 2 types of crepes, "Pumpkin Tiramisu" and "Crispy Purple Potato." I ate two of them.

Trick or sweets

A pumpkin ice cream made from domestically produced Ebisu pumpkin, which is popular every year, topped with Oreo cookies and M & M. More peanut butter has been added this year. With a colorful purple potato waffle for a limited time. The price of Love It size is 630 yen (+70 yen for purple potato waffle, the same applies below).

Cold Stone Creamery "Trick or Sweets"
Whipped cream on top

A variety of flavors that combine the rich pumpkin ice cream with sweet and fragrant Oreo cookies, M & M, and cream. You can enjoy the flavor of pumpkin in the sweetness of cookies and chocolate. Peanut butter is an exquisite accent. It is delicious with a deep richness and moderate saltiness.

Cold Stone Creamery "Trick or Sweets"
Enjoy with your eyes and tongue!

Berry scary monster

Green tea ice cream is mixed with purple potato ice cream using high quality purple potatoes from South Kyushu. Strawberry pulp and white chocolate are combined. The price of Love It size is 630 yen.

Cold Stone Creamery "Berry Scary Monster"
This is also colorful

"Berry scary monster" is a name that arouses fear (?), But the taste is very sweet. The elegant sweetness of purple sweet potatoes matches the refreshing flavor of matcha. The aftertaste is refreshing thanks to the sweet and sour strawberry. And it goes without saying that the ice cream and purple sweet potato waffles go well together! It is also recommended for those who want to eat a little unusual potato sweets.

Cold Stone Creamery "Berry Scary Monster"
The corn is crispy and fragrant

As an aside, the song for making ice cream, which is also a feature of Cold Stone, was a Halloween specification with a ghost gesture. Not only the ice cream, but also the staff's songs and swings.