Myojo Foods "Myojo Noritama Yaki Udon Dashi Soy Sauce Flavor"
Noritama's cup-yaki udon, the long-awaited revival!

"Myojo Noritama Yaki Udon Dashi Soy Sauce Flavor", which was born from Myojo Foods in collaboration with Marumiya Foods, will be released on October 2nd. The estimated price is 180 yen (excluding tax).

This is a cup-yaki udon noodle made with the long-selling furikake "Noritama". It was released in May 2017, and the planned quantity was sold out with great popularity. It will be re-appeared in response to the request for resale this time.

A rich soy sauce sauce made by adding the flavor of fragrant roasted soy sauce to the delicious soy sauce sauce of pork and bonito. The cabbage is combined with the kayaku, and as a sprinkle, the glue and the egg are perfectly balanced.

Noritama goes well with rice, and its sweetness matches with the fragrant soy sauce sauce, making it perfect for yaki udon noodles. When you sip the chewy noodles, the unique taste and rich aroma of "Noritama" spreads.