Yuraku Confectionery "Black Thunder VOLT"
Excellent eating quality! The finest Black Thunder ever

From the Yuraku Confectionery "Black Thunder" series, the new work "Black Thunder VOLT", which is said to be "the highest peak in history", was released on September 18th. The estimated price is 100 yen (excluding tax).

This is a new product of Black Thunder, which was developed under the theme of "a chocolate bar that is delicious enough to shake your brain." What is the highest peak in history is that the highest amount of almonds in the company's chocolate bar history is used.

Yuraku Confectionery "Black Thunder VOLT"
Somehow, it looks strong

The familiar plain biscuits and cocoa cookies are kneaded with fragrant roast type and sugar coating type, two types of almonds, coconut, and coffee with a secret flavor, and wrapped in special milk chocolate.

Compared to the usual Black Thunder, VOLT is a little longer. The size is also a little bigger in order to knead the largest amount of almonds in history while keeping the grains as large as possible.

Yuraku Confectionery "Black Thunder VOLT"
Top is VOLT, bottom is normal Black Thunder

Yuraku Confectionery "Black Thunder VOLT"
The ruggedness of the surface is also different.

While normal Black Thunder is crispy and light and can be easily chewed with the front teeth, VOLT has a chewy chocolate texture with the addition of a crunchy zack zack and almond texture. The finish is so hard that your chin gets tired!

Yuraku Confectionery "Black Thunder VOLT"
If you break it, you can see the graininess of the almonds.

Perhaps the coffee is working, the slightly fragrant and bitter taste is also delicious. The calorie is 246 kcal per bottle, which is a little higher than the usual Black Thunder, but it seems to be useful when you are hungry because you can get a lot of satisfaction.

Experience the impactful texture and taste of "Highest Grade Black Thunder"!