Ezaki Glico "Big Putchin Pudding Pumpkin"
Putchin pudding with autumn taste

From the Ezaki Glico "Putchin Pudding" series, "Putchin Pudding Pumpkin" and "Big Putin Pudding Pumpkin" will be released on September 18th.

A limited-time flavor of Putchin Pudding. A creamy pudding made from ripe chestnut pumpkin and a savory sauce made from Canadian maple syrup are combined.

Ezaki Glico "Big Putchin Pudding Pumpkin"
Lively package

The estimated price is 190 yen for Putchin Pudding (65g x 3) and 130 yen for Big Putchin Pudding (155g) (excluding tax).

In addition, the classic "Putchin Pudding" series is also available in a limited-time package for Halloween. "Happy Putchin Pudding 380g [Halloween Package]" is a "super rare product" in limited quantity and for a limited time. There are four claws for putting, and only one can actually "puttin". The price is 360 yen (excluding tax).

Ezaki Glico "Happy Putchin Pudding 380g [Halloween Package]"
About 2.5 times the size of Big Putchin Pudding