Ramen free ticket Tenkaippin Festival
"Tenkaippin Festival" will be held again this year!

The Chinese noodle chain "Tenkaippin" will hold a campaign "Tenkaippin Festival" from October 1st to 9th, which is named after "Tenkaippin Day" on October 1st.

The campaign is for people who purchased ramen in the store during the period. On the first day, you will receive a "Ramen (normal) 1 cup free ticket" that can be used from the next day onwards. From the 2nd to the 9th, you can draw a speed lottery to get Tenkaippin original goods.

Tenkaippin Festival Freebie
Original goods coveted by fans!

Furthermore, as the first attempt of this year, the "Tenkaippin Festival" will be held from October 10th to December 10th. If you collect 10 stamps during the period, you can exchange them for either "Tenkaippin Mini Mini Donburi" or "Ramen (normal) 1 cup free ticket".

Tenkaippin Festival Freebie
Tenkaippin Mini Mini Donburi