KALDI "Original Marron Cake
Autumn cakes from KALDI!

KALDIe has released a new autumn sweet, "Original Marron Cake". The price is 420 yen (tax included).

This must be delicious! I bought it and tried it, and I'm happy to report that it was ten times more delicious than I expected, both as is and when baked!

KALDI "Original Marron Cake
It will be absolutely delicious.

Original Marron Cake" by KALDI

This cake is made with a white chocolate base, and chestnut paste and chopped chestnuts are kneaded into it to give it a "maroon flavor. It is cut into five slices for easy eating.

KALDI "Original Marron Cake
It's already cut and convenient.

KALDI "Original Marron Cake
You can see the chestnut grains.

When you put a fork into it, it has a heavy texture. When you put it in your mouth, it crumbles and melts into a rich, moist texture that clings to your tongue. Chestnut grains occasionally hit your teeth.

It tastes more like "marron" than "chestnut. The cake has a slight liquor-like aroma (spirits were included in the ingredients), and is a bit like marron glacé.

KALDI "Original Marron Cake
Moist and thick!

Toast it and eat it!

This marron cake tastes amazing when lightly toasted in a toaster, so please give it a try!

KALDI "Original Marron Cake
I baked it in the toaster for about 3 minutes.

The cake is ready to eat when the surface and edges are slightly browned. The crunchy texture, the savory smell of baked goods, and above all, the rich flavor of chestnuts. It also has a slight roasted chestnut flavor.

KALDI "Original Marron Cake
Surface is crispy

KALDI "Original Marron Cake
Fluffy and moist inside.

As it is, the texture is moist and heavy, but baking it makes it fluffy and light. The liquor-like taste is also weakened, making it easier to eat for some people.

There are five slices, so you can eat them as they are, bake them, or chill them, and enjoy them in a variety of ways!