Eggs'n Things Halloween Limited Menu
Halloween menu is again this year

At each Eggs'n Things store, the Halloween-only menu "HAPPY HALLOWEEN ~ Trick" & "Treat ~" will be on sale from October 1st to 31st. In addition to the popular pancakes every year, Halloween-only hamburgers are available.

"Trick Blood Pancake" is a menu of pancakes with purple potato sauce and colorful pumpkin whipped cream. A unique trick is set in the pancake. The price is 1,680 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

Eggs'n Things "Trick Blood Pancakes"
3 kinds of fruits are also toppings

"Treat Monster Burger" is a Halloween-only hamburger that reproduces the scene where Jack-o-Lantern is trying to eat a ghost. 100% beef hamburger steak, fresh tomatoes, and thick-sliced bacon with the image of a tongue are sandwiched between black buns. The spicy salsa sauce is an accent. The price is 1,580 yen.

Eggs'n Things "Treat Monster Burger"
With colorful potatoes

"Halloween drink" is a lemonade with Halloween specifications. When a blood-red strawberry sauce is injected with a syringe, it slowly drips in a glass, and when mixed, it turns into an eerie color. The price is 650 yen.

Eggs'n Things "Halloween Drink"
Experimental mood