One Coin Tsukemen Expo Rokurinsha
Rokurinsha Tsukemen

The "One Coin Otsukemen Expo", where you can enjoy tsukemen and ramen from 45 stores nationwide with "One Coin (500 yen)", will be held from September 28th to November 1st, divided into five sessions. The venue is Shinjuku Okubo Park.

This year (2017) is the 9th year since the Otsukemen Expo was first held in 2009. This time, in response to the customer's request, "I want you to eat and compare, I want you to reduce the amount a little more", all stores will offer tsukemen and ramen for 500 yen (tax included) per cup at "eating comparison size".

A chance to taste all the products of popular stores such as "Chuka Soba Tomita", "Rokurinsha", and "Stubborn" for 500 yen per cup. Payment is a common meal ticket system.

One Coin Tsukemen Expo Chuka-Soba Tomita
Chinese soba Tomita

One Coin Large Tsukemen Expo Stubborn

The exhibit stores for each session are as follows.

[1st team] September 28-October 4 ・ Tsukemen: Chinese noodles Mutahiro, Rokurinsha, Tsukemen Ramen Katsuryu, Fukutake ・ Ramen: Meat ball soba Otodo, noodles and seven colors, Onomichi ramen eating sea, colored ramen Kinsei, Yokohama family ramen Otsu family

[2nd team] October 5-11 ・ Tsukemen: Noodle Takumi Takamatsu, Homura, BASSO Drillman, Tashiro Koji Strongest Army ・ Ramen: Tamashii Noodles, Ramen Oto, Ramen Menkichi, Honke Daiichi Asahi, Shina Soba Tanaka

[Third team] October 12-18 ・ Tsukemen: Chinese soba Yoi Koi, Kuriyama, Mendo Inaba ・ Ramen: Taishio soba lantern, noodle shop Agara, MENSHO TOKYO, young warrior, Chinese soba Nunpoko, Ramen Kuroku

[Fourth team] October 19-25 ・ Tsukemen: Ramen Kotetsu, Shinshunya noodles, stubborn ramen: Kanazawa rich Chinese noodles Shinsen, rich bird paitan noodles and chicken chicken, Chinese noodles Aoi, Oni soba Fujiya, Setagaya / Mazemen: Specializing in Mazesoba Bullfighting fat

[Fifth Team] October 26th-November 1st ・ Tsukemen: Takemoto Shoten ☆ Tsukemen Kaikousha, Special Grade Chicken Soba Ryusuke, Tsukemen Doheian, Chuka Soba Tomita ・ Ramen: Menya Sho, Makuchu, Menya Tsukushi, Ramen Workshop Fukuya, Nagaoka Gamushara Soy Sauce

The venue is Okubo Park, Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo. The time is from 11:00 to 21:00, but the last day of each session is until 15:00 due to store replacement.

One Coin Large Tsukemen Expo Menya Tsukushi
Menya Tsukushi

One Coin Large Tsukemen Expo Daiichi Asahi