The panda's sugar butter sand tree is made by baking sugar butter on a cereal dough with a panda's face on it, and sandwiching white chocolate.
Cute ~!

"Panda's Sugar Butter Sand Tree" will be released on September 20th at each Sugar Butter Tree store (excluding some stores) at JR Station in the Tokyo metropolitan area. Prices start at 570 yen (tax included) for 7 pieces.

This is sold to commemorate the birth of a baby panda at Ueno Zoo. A special cereal dough with a cute panda's face on it is topped with sugar butter and baked to brown, sandwiched between milk-scented white chocolate.

Available stores are JR Ueno Station Store, JR Tokyo Station Store Brand Museum South Exit, JR Shinagawa Station Store, JR Omiya Station Store, several locations inside Tokyo Station, and Tokyo Soramachi.