Saito Confectionery "Golden Seagull Eggs
Iwate Sweets

Iwate's famous confectionery "Kamome no Tamago" (Seagull's egg)

Iwate's famous confectionery "Kamome no Tamago" (Seagull's Egg). It is a confection featuring a seagull flying over Sanriku, with yellowish red bean paste wrapped in sponge cake dough and white chocolate.

We found its sister product "Golden Seagull 's Egg". I knew that there were various flavors available, but this was the first time I had encountered the "golden" one. The price is a little rich, 360 yen for one. The black box packaging exudes a sense of luxury.

Golden Seagull Eggs

Saito Confectionery "Golden Seagull Eggs
Individually boxed

A sponge and white bean paste filled with selected whole chestnuts. The top is decorated with gold leaf. How extravagant!

Saito Confectionery "Golden Seagull Eggs

The chocolate on the outside smoothly melts in your mouth, and then passes on to the moist sponge on the inside. The moist white bean paste radiates a rich sweetness. The creamy richness mixed with the rich flavor of the red bean paste is a delicious blend of Japanese and Western tastes.

And in the center is a large chestnut! The chestnuts are crunchy and have an elegant sweetness. The chestnuts have a strong presence, and chestnut lovers will be delighted. Combined with the shining gold leaf, you will feel rich.

Saito Confectionery "Golden Seagull Eggs
The chestnuts are huge!

The luxurious "Golden Seagull's Egg" is a treat to be savored with every bite. It makes a great souvenir, or even a treat for yourself.