Aohata paint terrine

Jam and spreads on bread. You can change the taste just by applying it quickly, and it will last for a long time, so it is useful for breakfast.

On the shelves of supermarkets, sweets such as fruit jam and chocolate spread are the mainstream, but I found a side dish that looks delicious. Aohata "Painting Terrine" series.

Aohata terrine to paint
The bottle design is also cute

The terrine to be applied is a series of paste-like terrine that is applied to bread and eaten. It has been on sale since August 2015. The price is 376 yen each (tax included).

This time, I bought 4 kinds of "Domestic chicken liver paste", "Beef paste that brings out the taste of beef", "Smoked salmon from Hokkaido", and "3 kinds of mushrooms with porcini scent". I will tell you the charm of each!

Domestic chicken liver paste

A fragrant liver paste made by adding brandy to domestic chicken liver. It melts in your mouth and the rich flavor of the tightly packed liver spreads softly. If you like liver, you can always have it and you won't lose!

Aohata terrine to paint
Liver lovers are also satisfied with the rich taste!

Beef paste that enhances the taste of beef

A little unusual beef paste. Spices and onions are added to enhance the taste of the meat. A luxurious dish where you can simply enjoy the unique taste and flavor of beef.

Aohata terrine to paint
Simple yet powerful umami

Hokkaido smoked salmon

Salmon paste using smoked salmon from Hokkaido. The flavor of smoke and the taste of salmon are creamy. It's refreshingly finished with lemon juice, so it's recommended for people who say that the meat is heavy from the morning.

Aohata terrine to paint
Even if you put avocado on it and make it "salmon avocado"

Three kinds of mushrooms with aroma of porcini

Mushroom paste finished by adding white wine to porcini and two kinds of mushrooms. The good fragrance is perfect! It has a rich and gorgeous garlic flavor. It goes well with sake.

Aohata terrine to paint
It can be used as a secret ingredient in cooking

It is recommended to apply it not only to bread but also to crackers as a snack. Also, if you add toppings such as vegetables, the taste will be further upgraded. The nutritional balance will also improve, so please try various things and have fun!

Aohata terrine to paint
Matching with vegetables and herbs is also fun