Beard Papa's "Fluffy Shoe"
Surprising? "Fluffy" cream puffs for Beard Papa's

The new product "Fluffy Shoe" is on sale from September 1st at each of the cream puff specialty stores "Beard Papa". Limited time until September 30th. The price is 160 yen (tax included) per piece.

The fluffy puff is a cream puff that you can enjoy a soft and fluffy texture, contrary to the popular Beard Papa's standard product "Pai Shoe". It was developed based on the voices of "What happens if Beard Papa makes the royal road cream puff?" And "I want to eat fluffy cream puff even with Beard Papa."

Beard Papa's "Fluffy Shoe"
Newly developed "fluffy shoe"

In pursuit of a "soft dough" that goes well with the custard cream of the store, it was not a general thin choux pastry that was born after trial and error, but it was "fluffy" despite its chewy "thickness". Original choux pastry. The rich egg flavor is tightly confined.

Beard Papa's "Fluffy Shoe"
Soft choux pastry with rich egg flavor

A fluffy shoe that is finished with a focus on the balance with custard cream and the texture when it is squeezed. The "rich flavor of eggs" of both custard cream and choux pastry spreads in your mouth.

Beard Papa's "Fluffy Shoe"
The best time is when the dough and cream are familiar

In addition, from September 1st, the seasonal flavor "Mont Blanc Shoe of Shibukin Chestnut" has also appeared. Cream puff with plenty of autumn taste and astringent chestnut paste. You can enjoy the rich taste as if you were eating Mont Blanc cake.

The price is 230 yen (tax included) per piece, and the sale period is until September 30th.

Beard Papa's "Mont Blanc Shoe of Astringent Chestnut"
It ’s like the deliciousness of Mont Blanc cake.