Starbucks Coffee "Apple Pie"
Starbucks, September's new food menu is 7 autumn-like items!

New food menus will be available at each Starbucks Coffee store from September 1st. A lineup of autumn flavors such as "apple pie" and "malon cream donuts".

Below, we will introduce all 7 new menu items! All the things you want to eat ...!

● Apple pie (480 yen, tax not included, same below)

Starbucks Coffee "Apple Pie"

An apple pie filled with custard cream with a smooth texture and crispy apples in a pie crust made from 100% butter with a rich flavor. For apples, "Jonathan" from Aomori prefecture, which is characterized by its acidity and mellow flavor, and "Fuji", which has a good balance of sweetness and acidity, are used.

The fine grain sugar sprinkled on the finish accents the texture. When warmed, a richer flavor spreads in the mouth. It is also recommended to sprinkle with caramel sauce or add whipped cream (30 yen).

● American scone pumpkin (270 yen)

Starbucks Coffee "American Scone Pumpkin"

A scone where you can enjoy plenty of pumpkin. The dough is baked using pumpkin dice with a rugged texture, and is finished with a pumpkin coating and pumpkin seeds as a topping. The scent of high-quality pumpkin fills your mouth.

● Stone kiln Philone chicken & spinach (460 yen)

Starbucks Coffee "Stone Kiln Philone Chicken & Spinach"

A hot sandwich where you can enjoy meat and vegetables in a well-balanced manner. The crispy filone bread baked in a stone kiln is sandwiched between roast chicken seasoned with parsley resources, sautéed spinach, eringi, bacon bits, and roasted almonds, and finished with a creamy sauce.

● Salad Wrap Pumpkin & Cream Cheese (380 yen)

Starbucks Coffee "Salad Wrap Pumpkin & Cream Cheese"

Autumn salad wrap with pumpkin as the main character. A slightly sweet and creamy pumpkin salad, sweet potato salad, and mushroom salad wrapped in tortillas with lettuce, cucumber, and purple cabbage. You can enjoy the crispy texture of vegetables and the original taste of pumpkin.

● Coffee & Espresso Cake Caramel nuts (350 yen)

Starbucks Coffee "Coffee & Espresso Cake Caramel Nuts"

A cake with a bittersweet caramel flavor. Bitter caramel dough is baked with accented nuts. Topped with caramel-coated pecan nuts and walnuts.

● Maron cream donut (250 yen)

Starbucks Coffee "Maron Cream Donuts"

A donut that is perfect for autumn, with the gentle sweetness of marron (chestnut) spreading in your mouth. Marron cream with a mellow scent and gentle sweetness is put in a moist and chewy dough, and finished with a marron-flavored coating.

● Chocolate cake (420 yen) * Renewal product

Starbucks Coffee "Chocolate Cake"

A moist and rich brownie dough mixed with Starbucks original chocolate, topped with fragrant chocolate cream. Graham cookies are laid on the bottom, and you can enjoy the rich taste of chocolate and the harmony with the crispy texture.