Seijo Ishii Retort Curry etc.

Seijo Ishii has delicious original products such as sweets and side dishes. Did you know that retort foods are also of very high quality?

It is an item of Seijo Ishii's original product series "desica". "Butter chicken curry with stewed bone-in meat," "Spicy curry of organic quinoa and galvanzo beans," and "24-month-aged Parmigiano-Reggiano beef hayashi" are all on sale from June this year. The price is 399 yen each (excluding tax). We will introduce each with a real food review!

Seijo Ishii's retort series

Butter chicken curry with plenty of umami stewed meat with bone

Seijo Ishii Retort Curry etc.
Popular butter chicken curry

Butter chicken curry with bone-in chicken. You can enjoy the sourness and richness of tomatoes, the deep flavor and rich taste of 9 kinds of spices. The spiciness is moderate. The sweetness of tomatoes and onions is strong, and the overall finish is mild.

Seijo Ishii Retort Curry etc.
Rich mild and moderately spicy

The chicken is cooked well and is soft enough to be loosened with chopsticks. You can get a tightly concentrated taste and the satisfaction of "eating meat", which is difficult with retort curry.

Seijo Ishii Retort Curry etc.
Full of volume with whole chicken with bone

Personally, I often feel that butter chicken retorts and canned foods are lost or "this is not butter chicken", but this was definitely butter chicken. Recommended for fans with confidence!

Spicy curry of organic quinoa and galvanzo beans

Seijo Ishii Retort Curry etc.
Keema spicy curry

Keema-style curry using quinoa and chickpeas. A good balance between spicy spiciness and the fluffy feeling of chickpeas. It has a rich taste that is not only spicy but also rich and sweet. Rice goes on!

Seijo Ishii Retort Curry etc.
A good balance of spicy curry and chickpeas

The volume is made with quinoa instead of minced meat, and the main ingredient is derived from plants. This curry is also recommended for people who want to refrain from meat.

Seijo Ishii Retort Curry etc.
Quinoa's bubble wrap texture is fresh

24 months aged Parmigiano Reggiano beef hayashi

Seijo Ishii Retort Curry etc.
Beef hayashi with rich cheese

Beef hayashi with rich beef, sweetness of onions, and aroma of red wine. The rich taste that spreads when you eat it is luxurious! Parmigiano Reggiano cheese is added to add depth to the taste.

Seijo Ishii Retort Curry etc.
Rich and flavorful!

You can feel the fruitiness of the wine even in the richness, and the tailoring that is not too heavy is good. It has the texture of beef and onions, and is as authentic as Hayashi rice from a Western-style restaurant.

Seijo Ishii Retort Curry etc.
It's like a Western-style restaurant


Seijo Ishii's retort series is delicious at the feast level, although each has a different personality. It is also a nice point that the satisfaction level is high and it is hard to feel the awkwardness that "I have done it with retort pouch". It's a little expensive, but it's worth a try!