"Cat Musubi Gozen" at Machiya "Black Cat Cafe"

■ Do you like cats?
I like cats . I like the supple line from the neck to the waist, the tail that moves well, the eyes that are rounded when I find the prey, the paws that smell like popcorn, and the catloaf that dexterously bends the limbs.

I was free-spirited at my own pace, and even if I was scolded, I thought that I was facing away with a calm face, I was staring at this situation from the shadow, the moment I tried to touch it because I lay down on the floor and spoiled , A whimsical personality that runs away quickly. I like everything .

Female tabby cat
My cat

■ A store that I would like to recommend to cat lovers with all my might
There is a store in Machiya, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo that offers a cute menu that cat lovers can't help but react to. A coffee shop full of cat love by the owner who loves cats, the name is "Cafe de Kuronekosha" .

"Cafe de Kuronekosha" in Machiya, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo
"Cafe de Black Cat House"

About 5 minutes walk from Tokyo Metro Machiya Station. The signboard of the black cat looking diagonally above is a landmark.

Signboard of "Cafe de Black Cat House"
My cat also looks like this

There are lots of cat goods in the store, which is as calm as your parents' house. Books related to cats are displayed on the bookshelf, and cats are displayed everywhere on the windowsill with cat swinging dolls. By the way, it is the "cat god" who sits at the table right after entering, and it is the guardian god (?) Of this shop.

Inside the "Cafe de Kuronekosha"
Cat goods are in various places

The cat displayed in the "Cafe de Black Cat House"
"I came often"

Cat God of "Cafe de Black Cat House"
This is the cat god

Maybe it was past noon, so I was the only one in the store. When I ordered "Cat Musubi Gozen (750 yen including tax)" , it said "It will take a while", so I took a picture of the inside of the store and had a chat with the owner who loves cats.

From stories about snacks that are popular with cats, to what cats like, their charm, personality, and the circumstances of stray cats around them. Cats, cats, cats earnestly . I think I was talking about cats until the food was finished. Because of that, I didn't feel like waiting too long.

■ Rumored cat Musubi
The "Cat Musubi Gozen" that was brought in was two cute cat Musubi, takuan, miso soup, plenty of salad, dried atka mackerel, fried chicken and a considerable volume. Isn't this a great deal for 750 yen?

"Cat Musubi Gozen" from "Cafe de Kuronekosha"
Side dishes seem to change from day to day

First of all, from the cat Musubi. This child is named "Carlos" and is a cat designed by the owner himself. I was surprised that the rice ball mold was also made for this purpose.

"Cat Musubi Gozen" from "Cafe de Kuronekosha"

"Cat Musubi Gozen" from "Cafe de Kuronekosha"
I am particular about the rear view

Both ingredients are salty salmon flakes. The rice is also soft and fluffy. Carlos's eyes are turned away to make it easier for cat lovers to eat rice balls . Certainly, if you look straight back, you may not be able to eat it because it is too cute. It's a concern unique to a cat-loving shopkeeper.

The cat musubi of "Cat Musubi Gozen" is salmon
Strong saltiness

Atka mackerel dried atka mackerel is juicy with plenty of fat. You can feel the umami and richness of the fish. The miso soup with eggplant also warms up, giving it a nostalgic taste. All are delicious with a sense of stability. It seems to be satisfying for those who want to eat solidly because it has a lot of volume.

Atka mackerel dried atka mackerel from "Cat Musubi Gozen" at "Cafe de Kuronekosha"
It was really delicious

Miso soup from "Cat Musubi Gozen" at "Cafe de Kuronekosha"
Warm ~

The dessert is the cat-shaped scone "Necorn (150 yen including tax)". I was pretty full when I flattened the set, but it was difficult to get through such a cute scone. In addition, the meat ball type madeleine "Nyadraine" is on sale. Please note that it may not be available depending on the day.

"Necorn", a scone in the shape of a cat
The name is cute again

Earl Gray flavored scones have a refreshing texture. When you put it in your mouth, the scent of tea leaves rises softly. It is recommended to enjoy it with plenty of blueberry jam and whipped cream.

"Necorn", a scone in the shape of a cat

Not only cat lovers, but also students, housewives, parents and children, foreigners who came to sightseeing, freelance photographers, screenwriters and various other customers will come. The personality of the shopkeeper, who is very friendly and easy to talk to, may be one of the attractions.

By the window of "Cafe de Black Cat House"
A card of the country of origin (national flag) of the person who came from overseas is affixed to the window in commemoration

When I left the store, he said, "Come again. I'll ask you anything, even if you're complaining. If anything, move to this place (Machiya) and send me a cheerful message."

Black Cat Cafe and Restaurant Owner's Homemade Cat Badge
Shopkeeper handmade cat origami

If you like cats, you should stop by at "Cafe de Kuronekosha" in Machiya. Please try the cute cat Musubi.

■ Overview of "Cafe de Kuronekosha" Address: 6-30-1 Arakawa, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo
Business hours (approximate): 9:00 to 19:00 Regular holidays: Wednesdays and public holidays