Brown bear donut "raspberry"

A fragrant and sweet scent drifting from a residential area near Gakugei University Station in Tokyo. There was a delicious donut shop at the end where I was drawn to it.

The name of the shop is "Brown bear donuts". Handmade donuts made with carefully selected Hokkaido ingredients are on sale. I tried "Plain" (220 yen), "Raspberry" (300 yen) and "Honey Mascarpone" (300 yen) from the attractive menu.

Brown bear donuts
Is it okay to take a photo of the store? When I heard that, the older brother who posed cutely

Plain that you can enjoy the deliciousness of the material most. When you eat a bite, you will be surprised at the light texture. The outside is crispy and the inside is fluffy and a little chewy. It overturns the image of donuts as "heavy and heavy sweets" in a good way.

Brown bear donut "plain"
You can eat as many as you like

The taste is also light. The more you chew, the more the taste of wheat spreads and it's insanely delicious! No preservatives or additives are used, so you can enjoy the taste of the ingredients directly. Simple yet luxurious taste that makes you want to appreciate the rich blessings of Hokkaido.

Raspberries are filled with raspberry filling in the dough. The red raspberry that wakes you up goes well with the rustic fabric. As well as its bright appearance, the rich flavor of wheat and the sweet and sour taste of raspberries add color to the mouth. The refreshing acidity that pops from the bubble wrap flesh is irresistible! I regretted that I bought only one.

Brown bear donut "raspberry"
Next buy about 5

I took out the above two, but I was surprised that the oil did not become sticky over time. The oil is 100% trans fatty acid-free palm oil. It's nice to be able to enjoy the deliciousness of freshly fried food at home.

Honey mascarpone is limited to stores, so we decided to eat it on the bench next to the store. Cool Hokkaido mascarpone cheese is dipped in a slightly warm dough. The subtle acidity of creamy cheese and the elegant sweetness of the dough are a perfect match. The fact that it is a popular product is also a delicious taste that makes you convinced.

Brown bear donut "Honey Mascarpone"
The temperature difference between the dough and the cheese is ◎

Not only delicious donuts, but also the clerk who talks to me when ordering or eating at the storefront. It was a warm shop that made you want to stop by in your daily life, just like you would stop at a convenience store.

Brown bear donut "Honey Mascarpone"
I wonder if I should go home from work