McCafe Matcha Drink
A popular matcha drink every year!

At McDonald's Cafe Mac Cafe by Barista, a variety of popular matcha drinks will be released on September 1st every year. The lineup is as follows. ※tax included

Kuromitsu Kinako Matcha Frappe 490 yen ~
Matcha latte frappe from 430 yen
Ice matcha latte from 390 yen
Matcha latte from 350 yen

The black honey kinako matcha frappe, which debuted this year, is a matcha latte frappe that combines Uji matcha from Kyoto and milk, topped with kinako, black honey, shiratama, and whipped cream. It is a sweets drink that you can enjoy the taste of Japanese sweets. With the addition of whipped cream, it's a dish that gives you a feeling of luxury.

McCafé Kuromitsu Kinako Matcha Frappe
It's like a parfait! "Kuromitsu Kinako Matcha Frappe"