ELLE cafe "ELLE cafe JUICY MUSCAT" fair product
Muscat is the protagonist!

A limited-time fair "ELLE café JUICY MUSCAT" featuring Muscat will be held from September 1st at each ELLE café store. Four kinds of menus using "Shine Muscat", which is said to be "luxury grapes", are now available.

"Shine Muscat Bonbon" is a soy smoothie of lychee jule and kiwi & pine colored with butterfly pea. About half a bunch of Shine Muscat, which can be eaten with the skin, is used. Soy milk whipped cream is used, and dairy products are not used. Limited quantity each day. The price is 1,800 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

El Cafe "Shine Muscat Bonbon"

"Kombucha Muscat & Lavender" is a fermented carbonated drink that is a blend of rooibos-based vegetable and fruit fermented carbonated drink "Kombucha" that has been naturally fermented and aged for 2 years. There are two types of clear cups, a bottle type that is convenient to take home and a lot of fruits. The price is 980 yen for a bottle and 830 yen for a cup.

El Cafe "Kombucha Muscat & Lavender"

El Cafe "Kombucha Muscat & Lavender"
In a cup

"Cold Press Juice Earthy Green" is a Shine Muscat flavor of cold press juice. Mainly Shine Muscat, white grapefruit, lime, green tea and lemongrass are mixed. The price is 1,180 yen.

L Cafe "Cold Press Juice Earthy Green"
Bright green

"Koyo Shine Muscat" is a sweet that combines coconut milk yogurt "Koyo" with Shine Muscat and colorful lychee jule. It is also recommended as a gift. The price is 1,300 yen.

El Cafe "Koyo Shine Muscat"
it's beautiful