Hattendo "Moomin Cafe au lait cream bread"
Hattendo x Moomin collaboration, 3rd!

At each Hattendo store, the new cream bun "Moomin Cafe au lait cream bun" in collaboration with "Moomin" will be released on September 1 (pre-sale at some stores). The price is 250 yen (tax included, same below).

Hattendo's cream bun is a popular product that is popular for its cool taste, moist and soft dough, and melting cream. This cream bun and Moomin collaboration product has been on sale every year since 2015 and has become a hot topic.

The new work that appears this time is "Cafe au lait". It was developed after Moomin's home country, Finland, where coffee culture has taken root. "Snufkin" is drawn on the package.

Hattendo "Moomin Cafe au lait cream bread"
Snufkin! Nice ~!

The original cafe au lait cream is said to have a smooth mouthfeel while retaining the original aroma of cafe au lait. The bread dough that gently wraps this cream is baked by devising the composition and balance so that the taste blends with the cream.

If you purchase Moomin Cafe au lait cream bread, you can buy a Moomin-designed "cold bag" (500 yen). It's a very cute and special design, so you can leave it in a cool bag as a souvenir.

Hattendo "Moomin Cafe au lait cream bread"
Hattendo cold storage bag Moomin design

Moomin Cafe au lait cream bread will be on sale until the end of October. However, due to the limited quantity, it will end as soon as it runs out.