Tokyo Dosanjin "Cold Sudachi Soba"

Summer soba that is as beautiful as a work of art. You can enjoy "Cold Sudachi Soba" at the soba restaurant "Tokyo Dosanjin".

The shop is about an 8-minute walk from Ikejiri Ohashi Station in Tokyo. It is within walking distance from Nakameguro station. It's almost time to cross the bright red "Nakabashi" over the Meguro River. It is a hideaway-style shop in the basement.

Bridge over the Meguro River
The contrast between the red bridge and the green is beautiful

Appearance of Tokyo Dosanjin
Modern atmosphere

Cold kake soba soba is a dish with sliced sudachi floating on top of cold kake soba. Black Shichimi is given as a condiment. The price is 1,200 yen (tax included).

Tokyo Dosanjin "Cold Sudachi Soba"
Like a flower

When eating, avoid sudachi towards the edges. The buckwheat is crispy and has an elegant taste while having a firm body. The unique aroma of buckwheat is complemented by the soup stock that has the flavor of dashi stock. A refreshing aftertaste while having a deep taste.

Tokyo Dosanjin "Cold Sudachi Soba"
Soba alone is delicious

Add black shichimi on the way to change the taste. By adding spicy spiciness, the flavor of buckwheat becomes clearer. The deliciousness that is pulled after the edge is sharp.

Tokyo Dosanjin "Cold Sudachi Soba"
I like this black shichimi

When the sourness of sudachi has melted into the soup, remove it to a plate. At first, the soup had a distinctive mellow taste, but gradually it became a soup with a slight acidity and bitterness. Finally, the flavor of sudachi fluffy through your nose. The refreshing sourness of sudachi and the coldness of kake soba make it very cool. It is a perfect dish for the hot season.

Sudachi from Tokyo Dosanjin "Cold Sudachi Soba"
Cool eyes and tongue

Cold kake soba is scheduled to be sold around the end of September. There is also warm sudachi soba, so I would like to enjoy it in the cold season as well.